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If I may add in my 2 agurot, 
There are many people on the likud list, and there are other Anglos trying to get their candidates supported, to the detriment of the Likud as a whole.
see http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/128600
In addition to David's recommendations below, I urge you to vote for the following people:
Every vote counts. And for any of your votes to count, you must vote for 12 national. 2 Olim, and 1 regional.

Regional:  Keti Shitreet
Olim:  Zev Elkin and Ariel Borstein
1.Yechiel Leiter (please see letter below - in my personal opinion, it is inexcusable that the Feiglin camp is not urging his support)
2.Moshe (Boogy) Yaalon
3.Dan Meridor
4.Leah Nes - one of the only women
5.Tzippy Chatubelli
6.Zev Jabotinsky
7.Benny Beigin
8.Gadi Yederdan - running for the young likud spot - an Ethiopian who is very promising and respected
9.Yuli Edelstein
10.Ruby Rivlin
11.Yuval Steinitz
12. Gilad Erdan

-Esther Garfinkel
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  I want to remind all members of the Likud to exercise their right to vote in the Likud primaries this coming Monday. One of the important changes instituted by Binyamin Netanyahu upon his becoming party chairman is that the full Likud membership, rather than the party central committee, will determine the Likud Knesset slate. If you are unsure if you are eligible to vote, you can call the Likud information line 03-621-0601 or 03-621-0604 .

  Members will vote for three lists, the national list, the regional list and the Olim list. (For the record, all voters, not just those classified as Olim, get to vote for the Olim candidates.) 

  There are 70 people running on the national list. You will be asked to vote for 12 candidates, without ranking them in any order.

   Bet Shemesh  is considered part of the Jerusalem region. There are 8 candidates and you select one person. 

  There are 11 candidates running for the Olim spots and you vote for two. 

  Voting in Bet Shemesh is at the  Royal Hall on Rechov Hanasi. You can also vote  at any Likud election site if it's more convenient. For example, at Binyanei Haumah in Jerusalem or in Tel Aviv at Ganei Hataarucha (Beitan HaAgol) or Michlelet Tel Aviv (Yigal Alon 3).

  I've been asked by a few people for input on the voting. 

  Among the 70 candidates on the national list, there are many more than 12 people that I'd love to see in the Knesset. But since you only get to vote for 12,  my recommendation is that, in going through the candidates you think are worthy,  you also consider who most needs your vote and to what extent a candidate would help the Likud in the national elections. 

  With this in mind, I'm going to give only a short list of four people I would urge you all to vote for: 

  Yuli Edelstein

  Miki Eitan

  Yechiel Leiter

  Yuval Steinitz

  I've  written earlier about Yechiel Leiter and am pasting below a letter of his. Both he and Yuli Edelstein deserve our support and with such a crowded field, they will need every vote they can muster in order to get into the Knesset. 

  Since only the first 20 spots are reserved for national candidates, with the first spot automatically going to Bibi and the 10th and 20th spots reserved for the top 2 ranking women in the national list, Leiter and Edelstein will need to finish at least in the top 17 or 18 in order to get into the Knesset. 

  Miki Eitan Eitan (whom I've also written about previously) and Yuval Steinitz are terrific people who will, no doubt, get into the Knesset, but I think it' s important to causes that we all believe in that they both finish as high on the list as possible.  

  It's getting close to Shabbat so, for the time being, I'll call it quits at that .

  David Kirshenbaum

  Letterfrom Yechiel Leiter

  Dear Member of the Likud Family,

  You and I, new immigrants and veterans alike, share the unique and life transforming experience of having made aliya in order to build our lives in the land of Israel.  Today, with Israel under threat from intractable enemies who promise to destroy us, and in the face of formidable challenges inside Israel, the idealism, energy and leadership of our Anglo community can help make Israel stronger, safer, more prosperous, and yes more ethical.

  In this shared spirit of profound concern  for  the future of  both the state and the land of Israel, I ask that you include me on your list of 12 preferred national candidates  in the upcoming Likud primaries. As a resident of Judea and Samaria, and long-term Zionist activist, I believe the future of the country must be carried on the shoulders of a Likud Party that is committed to:

  ·       Israel’s security and rights based diplomacy;

  ·       a strong economy;

  ·       excellence in secular and Jewish education;

  ·       and that sets a new standard for clean and transparent government

  My experience in senior government positions has allowed me to put these civic values and Jewish and Zionist ideals to the test: 

  ·         Deputy Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Education, centrally involved in the planning of a major overhaul of the educational system. 

  ·       Chief of Staff to Benjamin Netanyahu in the Ministry of Finance, taking an active role in the dramatic economic reform program that revolutionized Israel’s economy.

  ·       Central Roles in Zionist leadership including educational outreach and aliyah, and establishing new Jewish settlement throughout Israel – especially in Judea and Samaria where I was one of the founding families in Hevron and traveled frequently to the United States raising money to rebuild the ancient city.  I am also a member, Board of Governors of the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel.   

  ·       Currently senior policy analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs , a leading foreign policy institutes, and editor of one of Israel’s most widely read geo-political blogs. (JCPA.org).

  ·       Degree in law, BA in political science, MA in international relations. Recently completed doctoral dissertation in Political Philosophy at the University of Haifa. Rabbinical ordination

  ·       Combat medic in the IDF and participated in Operation Peace for Galilee.

  At this critical hour for us our families, the people of Israel and our small but sacred country, I ask that you vote for me, Yechiel Leiter Number 140 as one of your 12 choices for the Likud’s national List for the 18th Knesset. Your support will enable me to represent the Anglo ethos of good government, and a safe, strong and successful Israel. Together, let's protect the land and people we love while striving to build the Jewish State into the ideal we have hoped, prayed, and struggled to establish.

  Yours Truly 

  Yechiel Leiter

  Yechiel Leiter for Knesset

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