[BS/RBS list] Ptil Or sets for sale- Fundraiser

Rachel and Jeff Horvitch rjh at netvision.net.il
Sat Dec 6 11:12:17 CST 2008

Hi- my name is Akiva Horvitch and I'm a student at Yeshivat Bney Chayil.  We are having a fundraiser for our school and are selling Ptil Or sets for chanuka.The set contains 44 olive oil cups with wicks, enough for all 8 nights.  The cups stand by themselves or on top of any Menorah. They are all ready to light without any mess and each one lasts for almost 4 hours. They are especially great for chayalim or travelers during the chag. If you would like to order one before supplies run out, I will be happy to deliver it to you. The price is 100 NIS and there is a possibility for tax receipts in dollars or shekels. Our school will also be delivering sets to an army base, so you can make a donation and have a set given to a soldier or to a group of soldiers that otherwise may not be able to light.

  Please help us in raising important tzedaka funds and participate in this chanuka project.

  Thank you

  Akiva Horvitch
  Email:rjh at netvision.net.il

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