[BS/RBS list] Last Chance to Advertise - Hakshiva's Chinese Auction Brochure

Hakshiva hakshivamentoring at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 09:22:33 CST 2008

Don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity. The last chance to get an
advertisement in Hakshiva's Chinese Auction Brochure is this Thursday,
December 11th. The brochure is distributed to 4,000 homes in the BS/RBS
area, and will undoubtedly be read time and time again as families flip
through to see the prizes.

Ads ranging from 1/8 of a page to a full page available, but only until

For more information please call Amy Gitlin, Administrative Director at
077-228-5230 x 6 or 052-768-3864.

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