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> Election Summary - New Municipal Government
> 1)    Mayoral Race - We came in no. 2, close to 30%, an impressive result
> but much less than expected and hoped for.  Unlike Aboutbul who managed to
> close with Degel and Aguda, Balaish and Avoda, we went basically alone. 
> We
> managed to get Chasidei Gur who were very helpful with their enthusiasm 
> and
> volunteering, but less with actual votes.   The main reason I believe we
> didn't manage to get more alliance and support was the perception in many
> quarters that Danny Vaknin as mayor for 15 years with city workers and a 
> lot
> of money and power behind him, was still a major force and the main fight 
> is
> between Vaknin and Aboutbul.
> Next time it will be much easier to us to win an election having proven 
> that
> with one or two major allies we could get a majority.
> 2)    Council Seats - We received 3 seats which puts us as a leading party
> in the City, behind Aguda, equal to Shas and above Likud, Russians, 
> Balaish
> etc.   The mayoral race helped us in visibility and enthusiasm, but hurt 
> us
> with many of us splitting the ballot.
> Summary - a great thank you for all your votes, time and money, caring and
> support.
> A last plea to anybody who can help, or has connections to people who can
> help.   These elections have left me with a deficit of over NIS 150,000 
> (in
> my name) and I need to cover it as soon as possible.
> New Muncipal Government
> Moshe Aboutbul, our new Mayor, had his basic coalition ready before the
> elections.  The chareidi population showed its strength in pulling in 
> around
> 40% of the votes and they (Aguda and Shas) are a major factor in the
> coalition.   Balaish (2 seats) and Labor (1 seat) who enabled him to win 
> the
> elections, are also very significant to the coalition.   Despite  the fact
> that Aboutbul has a majority without us, he very much wanted us (me
> personally and our party as representatives of our community) to be a part
> of the coalition.   There are 2 major reasons which enabled us to join:-
> 1)    Understandings I reached with him during the elections that we will 
> be
> partners in the coalition regardless of who wins
> 2)    He realizes that we represent a very large and important part of
> Bet Shemesh and we are crucial to the future of the city.
> The following is the basic agreement reached by BeYachad with the Mayor 
> and
> the parties making up the coalition of the Municipal government:
> We will be responsible for:-
> Moaza Datit - meaning Rabbanut, Kashrut, Mikvaot, Cemetry, Religious 
> Culture
> etc.
> Chunch Dati & Torani
> Moreshet Yisrael
> Religious Youth Movements - Bnei Akiva, Ezra, Ariel
> Absorption (Klita)
> Foreign relations
> Deputy Chairman of the Matnas and Members in all important committees.
> Understandings that the city will help and support our local organizations
> and libraries
> Last, but not least - all parties agree to keep the religious status quo 
> and
> the "offi" of the city.
> I believe that in many areas this new government will be a great
> improvement, but in other areas we will have to be on guard to ensure that
> our communities continue to flourish and thrive.
> Once again, a personal plea - please do everything you can to help me 
> cover
> the NIS 150,000 deficit that we have incurred.   Let us work together to 
> close our debts and concentrate on building our future together,( 
> BeYachad)
> I believe if we continue being united and work together, we and Bet 
> Shemesh have a great future ahead of us.
> Again, many thanks for all your help and support,
> Shalom Lerner
> 050 4176716 / 9992250
> lerner8 at bezeqint.net

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