[BS/RBS list] 3 tickets and transportation available for motzai shabbat screening of FRUM movie musical "A Light for Greytowers"-by women for women

Eli Clark edclaw at bezeqint.net
Thu Dec 11 17:23:01 CST 2008

  Hi Female Listers
  Due to a last-minute cancellation, I have 3 extra tickets and spaces on the bus to the
      ISRAEL PREMIERE of "A Light for Greytowers" (see details below) in Yerushalayim iy"H this Motzai Shabbat, which has been showing to rave reviews in the US. The director, Robin Garbose, will be holding a Q and A session after the movie.
      Read about this protest screening in http://www.forward.com/articles/14661/

      Tickets are 45NIS adult and 35NIS student. Bus is 32 NIS
      "Truly a masterpiece.. with a powerful message of faith" Miriam Lieberman, Binah Magazine

      Please e-mail ASAP if you're interested.

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      Subject: "A LIGHT FOR GREYTOWERS" Israel Premiere next week-"by women, for women" movie musical!

      Only 3 performances!
      Director Robin Garbose's first feature-length movie musical, "A Light for Greytowers," premiered in Los Angeles on December 29 2007 at Paramount Studios' Sherry Lansing Theater. Based on a popular young-adult novel of the same name, this story conveys the beauty of Torah values while being funny, moving and provocative. The movie is set in Victorian England and tells the story of Miriam, a young girl who lands in an orphanage after fleeing the Cossack pogroms. The cruel matron forbids the girls to observe the Sabbath or to keep kosher, but Miriam fights for her faith.

      Eight years ago, Garbose, an Orthodox Jew, created Kol Neshama, a performing arts conservatory for Orthodox girls in Los Angeles. A former Hollywood director and successful director of theater at The Juilliard School and at New York University, Garbose envisioned a "Jewish Juilliard." For the movie's cast, she recruited professional singers and actresses from her community in addition to students from her conservatory.  The movie has approbations from Rabbi Yoel Bursztyn of the Bais Yaakov Girls High School in Los Angeles and Rebbetzin Baila Stern of the Bais Yaakov Girls High School in Passaic, N.J. In accordance with the Orthodox law that does not permit women to perform in front of men, the movie is intended to be viewed exclusively by girls and women. In the US, it has been screened for female audiences from California to Crown Heights.

      Based on its artistic merits, the movie was initially accepted for this year's Jerusalem Jewish Film festival and was slated to be screened during the festival, which takes place between December 13 and 19 at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. However, the festival's management refused to acquiesce to Garbose's demand, made at the time the movie was first presented for consideration, that screening would be billed as "by women, for women," and so a different venue was found.

      Don't miss it!

      Menachem Begin Heritage Center

      6 Nahon Street (across from the Cinemateque, next to Mishkanot Sh'ananim)


      Motzai Shabbat, December 13, 8:30pm

      Monday, December 15, 5pm and 7:30pm

      Box office opens one hour before showtime.

      45 NIS adult

      35 NIS student

      For women and girls 8 and over

      Dedicated to the blessed memory of Rebetzin Rivka Holtzberg

      All proceeds to the Kol Neshama Camp Scholarship Fund

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