[BS/RBS list] project to help Sderot

Amihai & Tamara Bannett atban at inter.net.il
Sat Dec 13 14:42:15 CST 2008

Our cousin is doing Sherut Leumi at OneFamily, which is an organization that helps victims of terror. They are trying to raise funds in a unique way, please read on to see if you can help out. 
Much thanks,
Tamara Bannett

Kippot are a reminder that there is someone watching over us from above. For the people of Sderot, where rockets and missiles have been raining down on them for the past 7 and a half years, such a reminder is often all they have to go on. But OneFamily is there for them – there with them – sharing their tension and helping to alleviate their needs.

OneFamily is inviting all those who can crochet kippot and are interested in helping the people of Sderot to join this effort. We want you to crochet a kippah or two (or even more) in the next two months, and send them to OneFamily in Jerusalem. We will sell the kippot and direct the proceeds toward assisting victims of terrorism in Sderot. We are aiming to collect 1,000 kippot, and we need you to do your part. 

Also spread the word. If you can distribute fliers or hang a few in a place that would advertise the project to people who crochet kippot (such as a girls highschool or seminary) please contact us.

Please join us, and send the people of Sderot a message that you are with them as well, and that there is someone watching over them.

For more details, and to confirm your participation, please contact us at
Lani at OneFamilyFund.org 

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