[BS/RBS list] Delivered Sushi For Shabbat

Shimon Lebowitz sushibrama at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 00:29:37 CST 2008

Free delivery of Sushi, every friday in Bet Shemesh and R.B.S.

Please place your sushi orders for Shabbat before  16:00 Thursday

Each roll is has 10 pcs. and cost 30 NIS
Minimum order is 60 NIS

Salmon & Avocado roll
Tuna & Avocado roll
Salmon Teriyaki roll
Spicy Tuna roll
Mushrooms roll
Grilled Peppers roll
Avocado & Cucumber roll

we also make:
Salmon Nigiri
Tuna Nigiri
Tomago Nigiri

and hand rolled cones

We have Yerushalaim Mehadrin and Rabbanut of Beit Shemesh Hechsher.

We are located in the Ezor HaTa'asia HaTzfoni.
6/4 Rechov HaUman (past Japeto)

CALL 02-992-2117 or 052-2679-879 to place orders.
E-MAIL:  sushibrama at gmail.com

Shimon Lebowitz
Sushi Brama

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