[BS/RBS list] Do you have Ear Popper or Ear Doc?!

Aryeh Kahn aryeh.kahn.co at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 13:56:37 CST 2008

Our daughter has had fluid in her ear for a while now and it has impeded her
hearing and speech. We just last week found out about the Ear Popper device
which apparently is great at causing ear fluid to go away. Our daughter
might be scheduled for a tubes operation in a couple of weeks. If we can
avoid this by using Ear Popper instead we'd love to. It looks like
when ordering an Ear Popper it takes some time to arrive here - time we'd
prefer to helping our daughter get better. If you have an ear popper we'd
love it if we could rent it from you. Please kindly let me know,
and thanks.

Alternatively, if you have Ear Doc, does it work to make fluid go away? If
so could you rent it to us?


Aryeh Kahn
02 999 3250

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