[BS/RBS list] Dale Carnegie® Training -- Go Where You Have Never Gone Before!

anonymom anonymom2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 08:01:29 CST 2008

Break through comfort zones

Improve communication & negotiation skills

Learn to relax while speaking in public

Boost self-esteem and enthusiasm

Dale Carnegie® Training has helped millions of people worldwide reach these goals. 
Now you can too! 
Join us in Jerusalem for a FREE preview of how it works.
If you missed the last exciting preview, here are 2 more before the new English course starts.
1) Tomorrow night, Weds. 8:30 PM
2) Sunday night, Dec 28, 8:30 PM
Jump Health & Fitness Center in the International Convention Center (Binyanei HaUma).
(New English course begins Weds. Dec 31, 6:13 PM at the OU Israel Center, Keren Hayesod.)
Limited places available.
For more information on the Dale Carnegie Course, contact:
Eli Lepon, 054-747-1188


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