[BS/RBS list] Skating in Bat Yam? (and some history)

malkajoel malkajoel at comm.net.il
Wed Dec 24 01:27:10 CST 2008

Does anybody know where in Bat Yam the skating rink is located?

I was actually there once, February 4, 1990, for the first ever
Canada-Israel exhibition ice hockey game. I even bought the tri-lingual
commerative T-shirt, which I still have. The Canadian team was made up of
troops from the Golan truce observers. The Israeli team was various Canadian
and Russian ex-pats, plus a few native born Israelis.

Not all the Israelis were actually citizens -- one was a Canadian friend of
mine. The Canadian media actually covered the game and one of them asked my
friend whether he felt like he was betraying Canada by playing for Israel.
His priceless answer was: "It's just a hockey game."

In the intervening years I have forgotten where the rink is located. In fact
I don't think I've been in Bat Yam since. Anybody know an
address/location/phone number?


Joel "this message brought to you by Molsons, Ford and Esso" Goldberg

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