[BS/RBS list] Friday night attack - update

Dov Lipman ddlipman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 05:12:10 CST 2008

1)We have continued our pressure and contact with the police and they are
continuing with their investigation.

2)I talked with the Mayor this week and he is moving forward with plans to
meet with the Rabbonim involved and with the police chief.

3)We are continuing to try to get the story out to the broader Jewish
community and the JTA is writing a feature regarding this incident which
should be picked up by newspapers throughout chutz la'aretz.  This, in turn,
will increase the pressure on the various parties and could also assist us
with reaching sources of funding for the group responsible for the attack.

4)The leaflets which many of you contributed towards were highly effective
and reports from within RBS Bet tell us that the violent groups were shaken
up by them.  We will explore other similar avenues of protest for the near

5)IMPORTANT - We do have sources telling us that the violence could resume
tonight after a quiet last Friday night so please talk to your children
about being especially vigilant tonight and to say away from any signs of
trouble.  The police have been notified and will be on patrol.

Shabbat shalom and happy chanukah, Dov

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