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Well, then that is another place to start making our desires known....

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I have heard that Superbus uses MANY Arab drivers.

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In addition, we should all insist from our local stores to stop hiring arab
labor and store security guards should be DILIGENT in searching arabs who
come into the shops to "purchase lunch" etc.  We should all be
this to the managers and security guards of the stores.
May all Jews come home safely, Tsivya

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With the arab rioting and uprising going on nationwide, now is the time for
EVERYONE to STOP using arab labor for all kind of work.

It doesn't matter who the Kablan is, or if they are working for a
company...they are mad, and nothing can help you know who is a "good"
one or
a "bad" one.

This is a serious, Bet Shemesh-relevant, safety issue. Of course, it is a
halachic issue, too.

Today, four Jews were stabbed by arab repairmen in Kiryat Sefer, and there
is no reason it can't happen here, too.


Aryeh Sonnenberg
'The Land is Very, Very Good' 

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