[BS/RBS list] Help the people of Nitzan and Ein Tzurim - Contact Pikud HaOref!

Buckman Family Family at TheBuckmans.com
Tue Dec 30 02:38:59 CST 2008

In an effort to help the threatened communities in the south, we here in Beit Shemesh are ready and willing to open our homes for "refugees."  This is extremely kind and well-intentioned, but perhaps is not what is needed most.  
In particular, regarding the former Gush Katif communities that are now living in NITZAN and EIN TZURIM, be aware that there are NO SAFE ROOMS OR MIKLATIM in these places!!  The army is actually bringing in large sewer pipes to Nitzan with the expectation that people will crawl in there for safety when the red alert next sounds!  
What they need and want is MIGUNIOT - protective mobile shelters - brought by Pikud HaOref to their communities.

What we need to do is CALL OR FAX PIKUD HaOREF and demand that they IMMEDIATELY bring these protective shelters to the caravilla sites ("refugee camps") in both Ein Tzurim and Nitzan!

The former Gush Katifers do NOT plan on running away - they stayed in Gush Katif through thousands and thousands of rockets - so offering our homes to them at this time is not what they need.  The government needs to TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY for their safety!  Please make your voices heard and insist that Pikud HaOref provide all these people with the most basic security protection!

Thank you,

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