[BS/RBS list] Shalom Lerner for Mayor: you can make the difference

Tova and Gavriel Weinberg/ Har Hagefen weinberg5 at 012.net.il
Sun Nov 2 05:37:25 CST 2008

Eliyahu Shiffman's posting is well-taken. The donations right now are
essential. Don't regret it later. We can all stretch a bit more.

How else can you make the difference when the race is on:
continue to speak to whomever you can out there. On Friday when I
distributed Shalom flyers at the Mr. Zol shopping center in Givat Sharett, I
met many people who are undecided, or whom are disillusioned with the
current leadership yet don't know if voting will change anything. Others
just never heard of Shalom till 2 months ago, and want to really know what
he can do for them.
So get out there, speak to those you know, now is the time! Engage someone
you DON'T know, in a conversation, if the opportunity presents itself!
If not now, when?

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