[BS/RBS list] WARNING! If you use back roads to Yerushalayim...

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Has this been verified? 
In a message dated 11/5/2008 7:16:30 P.M. Jerusalem Standard Time,  
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I am  posting someone's previous message in case anyone missed this:

From: RP  <posnruth at gmail.com>
Subject: [BS/RBS list] Cars damaged BS/Jlem  road

Sunday evening a bus and 5 cars were attacked by  masked terrorists near the
entrance of Beitar Ilit, including at least one  BS resident.
They used stones and metal bars and caused damage to the  vehicles but TG no
one was injured
It seems motzei Yom Kippur there were  over 20 cars damaged in a similar way
Immediately after the act, they hop  over a metal fence and disappear into
the bushes
Please be warned if you  travel by the 'back' roads to and from Jlem

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