[BS/RBS list] I LOVE election time!

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Thu Nov 6 12:57:12 CST 2008

And Vaknin decided to redo our road and garden.
Shvil Hagichon is in RBS A, and according to the Iriya is not a public
street. After years of complaints he decided to fix up the road- 5 days
before the elections!!!!!
I guess it has its advantages...

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Yippee! So what if I'm an agonizing, hand-wringing, would-be Chen supporter?
Election time has its advantages! A gorgeous carpet of lush, verdant grass
has just been rolled out at the bottom of the Givat Savion tayelet (
formerly one of BS's famous eye-sores).
Come see it while it lasts ( judging by the city's past maintenance record,
it may not be long!)

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