[BS/RBS list] Bet Shemesh Elections Hit National TV News!

David Morris david at scitronix.co.il
Fri Nov 7 00:03:10 CST 2008

If you've ever wondered why "skarim" (polls) and "shkarim" (lies) 
sound like they're from the same shoresh/root....here's your proof, 
from our very own Bet Shemesh elections, on National Channel 2 TV 
News last night:


For those whose Hebrew isn't up to this, a brief summary of the 
report is that the polls which were published here recently about 
"Who Will You Vote for Mayor?", had been deliberately/fraudulently 
altered by the Honorable Mayor of our City.

For those of us who want to clean up (in all senses!) our city - Vote 
Shalom Lerner for Mayor!!

And Vote "BeYachad" for Council!

("BeYachad" is Shalom's own/new Party, with his hand selected List of 
'exemplary citizens' Candidates).

Best Regards,
"BeYachad" Party Candidate


David Morris,
David at Scitronix.co.il

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Ramat Bet Shemesh,
99640, ISRAEL

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