[BS/RBS list] Moshe Abutbol and Rov Aharon Leib Shteinman

Goldstein goldst at actcom.net.il
Sat Nov 8 12:50:46 CST 2008

Unfortunately, some people are indeed bullied into voting for a certain
person or party based on statements like this one, accompanied by posters
plastered (frequently illegally) throughout the neighborhood and Shabbat
shul speeches preaching the same.

So suffice it to say that if you're a die-hard follower of askanim
purporting to give the complete unadulterated picture of our city to Gedolim
and then following the resultant directives, then go ahead and vote that way
and ignore the rest of this email.

If however you find yourself even slightly confused, and perhaps intimidated
by the not-so-subtle directives, insinuations and intimations contained
therein (and I have it on good word that indeed there are some people out
there) - please be aware that the entire role of Daas Torah in telling the
masses whom to vote for is complex, to put it mildly.  

And while we're here, assess for yourselves if indeed the Gedolim are indeed
being represented by "shlichim Ne'emanim".  Were the gedolim consulted on
the flier distributed this week which was 100%, unadulterated lashon hara?
(Yishar koach, btw, to the party in question which took the high road in its
response.)  There is no way on this planet that ANY of the gedolim were
consulted with that flier.  That means one of two things:  either the
"shlichim ne'emanim", purporting to be in direct consultation with the
gedolim, are NOT in 100% consultation with the gedolim, or that a rogue
group, not affiliated with the official group's campaign, claiming to be
speaking for the gedolim, put out that flier.  If it's the latter
possibility, then would the askanim, the shlichim ne'emanim, please
explicitly disassociate yourselves from this airev rav?  Or do you tolerate
them in your midst?

Don't be intimidated by loud people claiming to speak monolithically for all
religious Jews.  They don't.

Avram Goldstein

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I would like to think and hope that the people who read this list and who
live in Beit Shemesh and will be directly affected by the outcome of this
election, will learn about the different candidates  and parties and will
vote for whomever THEY think will be best for BEIT SHEMESH.


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This e-mail is intended for those individuals who intend to vote according
to the directives of Rov Aharon Leib Shteinman.

Apparently there has been some confusion in regards to Rov Shteinman's
opinion on the upcoming election.  Thursday night, there was a gathering in
one of the Schuls in RBS A.  Two of the keynote speakers were Rabbis
Levenstein and Mishkovsky who are known to be very, very close with Rov
Shteinman.  They stated that Rov Shteinman specifically sent them from Bnei
Brak to RBS in order to clearly and unequivocally convey his opinion on the
upcoming Bet Shemesh elections.  They stated in his name that one must vote
for Moshe Abutbol for mayor and for the Degel Ha'Torah (gimmel) party for
city council.


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