[BS/RBS list] Q&A with mayoral candidate Moshe Abutbul

elgopin at actcom.co.il elgopin at actcom.co.il
Sat Nov 8 16:42:44 CST 2008

Shavua tov

For those who want, you can click the link below to read a 
transcript of a Q&A session I had with Moshe Abutbul this 
evening. The questions were taken from emails I got from 
people who wanted to know where he stands on a wide range of 

two important things
1) please do NOT clutter the list with comments. you can 
post comments on the below link (if you have specific 
questions, Moshe said he or someone from his campaign would 
provide answers)
2) this is NOT a personal endoresement of Moshe Abutbul. 
HOWEVER, since there's a chance he might be the next mayor, 
I thought it maybe a good idea to see where he stood on 
issues affecting all of us. I have already read all the 
interviews in the Hebrew papers with him and Shalom but I 
wanted to hear it straight from him. Did I get the answers I 
was looking for? Yes and no but that's every politician

read and decide for yourself

the link:

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