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Dear Readers: For some reason this topic seems to be one that brings out
emotional responses on both sides of the issue.  Cell phones are here to
stay and used by almost everyone, including myself.  In order to use cell
phones we need cell antennas.  Both cell phones and cell antennas emit
radiation that is damaging to human cells, especially in children.  There is
a preponderance of research that says so.  

At this time there is no direct link between cell tower radiation and cancer
but the evidence is awfully close.  By awfully close I mean that research
has been done (right here in Israel) that shows conclusively that the type
of radiation emitted by cell phones and towers causes DNA damage.  Damaged
DNA cannot replicate normally or at all and causes cellular changes which
can lead to cancer.  

It is true that the fewer number of cell towers increases radiation to
individual phones and the converse is also true.  We should NOT place cell
antennas in residential apartments or in close proximity to people's homes
as this is a clear a present danger to the residents.  With planning and
proper placement we can have both reception and a relatively lower risk of
disease and death.

There are safer ways to use cell phones:

1.	Do not put it to your ear
2.	Do not keep it near your body 
3.	Use it only when you really must and keep your conversations as
short as possible
4.	Use the speakerphone or:
5.	Use a headpiece with an airtube (Blue Tube is considered the best
**not to be confused with Blue Tooth**)
6.	Use a cell phone with lower emissions of radiation
7.	Children should only use a cell phone in a genuine emergency

I treat people with chronic illnesses all the time.  DISEASE TAKES TIME TO
DEVELOP.  Cell technology is still too new to bear out the numbers that
experts suspect will show up.  The body has a remarkable ability to preserve
itself in the face of insult.  Chronic low level exposure to radiation will
cause changes in cellular integrity.  Over time, meaning even decades, this
will finally result in diseases such as cancer, when the damage exceeds the
body's ability to repair and defend itself. 

Nobody should have to be exposed 24/7 to cell tower radiation against their
will, as have the residents of Moshav Mattisyahu.  This is criminal. 

Cell radiation is only added to the other sources of radiation we all
encounter. Electrical appliances and devices all pump out RFs. This is
called bioaccumulation (Google it). I don't suggest dumping our conveniences
but we have to be cautious and sensible about our use of them.

If you're a skeptic please take time and go through the links I've provided.
You may educate yourself.  In the process you may become a healthier person.

Please let your chosen mayoral candidate and party know how important this
is.  Bet Shemesh already has a history of children and cancer in close
proximity to rooftop cell towers.

Be well,



".pair of Israeli scientists, Joseph Friedman and Rony Seger, found was that
radiation emitted from cell phones can trigger cellular changes that could
interfere with the process of cell division, which in turn could lead to the
growth of tumors."





600 References




Important Article:


>From this link written 15 May 2008:

"Pointing to countries such as Germany and Israel that have banned antennas
in residential neighbourhoods, the doctor suggested not allowing towers any
closer than 400 metres from homes or schools."

m&id=3086> &action=view&type=newsitem&id=3086


YouTube Videos of Dr. George Carlo, an international expert in cellular


Dr George Carlo speaks about the danger of Wi-Fi in schools


A letter from Dr. Carlo: 



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Yishuv Mattityahu has 70 families, and 10 cases of cancer detected in the

last several years.


There are 4 cellular antennas that were set up (against the will of the

residents) in the area, and some residents are confident that the high rate

of disease is directly related.




Ask your city council candidate what he has done in the past 5 years to stop

the erection of cellular antennas in R/BS.


Aryeh "from the pit to the cell" Sonnenberg



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