[BS/RBS list] Chol Chevra Magazine (annual Carlebach journal) available now

Naomi Persky naopersky at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 11 06:11:24 CST 2008

I will have copies of the Chol Chevra magazine for sale at my house starting this Friday, November 14.
The magazine is book thickness filled with stories about Reb Shlomo Carlebach z''l, much about events in his life, antidotes and information about Carlebach related resources.
They are 50 Nis. Call 991-0232
Incidentally his yahrzeit is this Thursday evening -Friday and there will be tehillim at his Kever at Har HaMenuchot starting at 4:30 pm.
Next Motzei Shabbat will be the annual memorial tribute concert in his honor at Binyanei HaUmah, December 22.
The weekend of December 18th (Thursday evening-Shabbbos EREV CHANUKA) there will be a Carlebach themed (but not limited to) retreat at Miztoke Dragot Holiday Village, Dead Sea.
Teachers will be Reb Shlomo Katz, Reb Ben Zion Solomon, Reb Simcha Hochbaum, Leah Golumb, Rebecca Rubinstein (who will lead a Lech Lecha Chanuka workshop), Mordechai Zeller leading a desert meditation trek, and Dina Solomon and Hanna Sara Zeller leading Women's Torah Yoga.
Shabbos Davening and Meals will be in the Ruach mesora of Carlebach nusach.
Motzie Shabbat there will be a Chanuka concert.
For more details on accommodations, childcare and transportation call Gedalya at 054 811 9347 or email ruachretreats at yahoo.com
Ruach Retreats is a non profit foundation started in 1982 that was created for outreach which successfully brought many individuals back to Torah, and provided a spring board and network for inspired in reach. Numerous people met their mates there. This upcoming retreat promises to be an auspicious pre-Chanuka weekend including many Ruach return couples and families who have made aliyah in the last 10 years. Come be warmly included and inspired. 

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