[BS/RBS list] Playback theater with Toby Klein-Greenwald

Cindy Kline cdkline at netvision.net.il
Mon Nov 17 22:24:56 CST 2008

We are happy to announce that Playback is back! The content is the same but the Chug is now private.  We are looking for a few more women to complete our troupe--spaces are limited.  

Please read the description below: 

"Playback Theater is a powerful, sensitive method that trains actors in the 
art of improvisation. At a Playback performance, people in the audience tell 
their stories and the actors spontaneously "play them back to them," 
including subtle understandings achieved through developed listening. The 
participants of this workshop will learn how to be Playback actors and, 
during the training process, they will tell their own stories, a therapeutic 
experience in itself. Everyone has as story, and every story receives the 
honor it deserves."

Toby Klein-Greenwald has worked in Playback for five years and studied it 
abroad under the masters who created the method. She is also the director of 
the Raise Your Spirits women's theater group of Gush Etzion, and of Dor 
L'Dor Theater, and she teaches Playback in the Jerusalem College for Women 
Institute for Expressive Arts Therapists.

We will be meeting on Monday Nights from 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Venue-TBA.
Come be part of this exciting,fun and moving experience.  Once again, there are a limited amount of places, so don't delay call Cindy or Toby today!

Cindy 050-546-0961
Toby  052-382-2104

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