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Yaakov Har-Oz deerhaunt at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 14:00:12 CST 2008

I can't speak other than with respect to New York law, although I understand
that most if not all other states are similar in this respect.

One who no longer lives or works in New York automatically gives up his
notarial license ("A notary public who is a nonresident and who ceases to
have an office or place of business in this state, vacates his or her office
as a notary public." N.Y. Exec. L. § 130). By definition, anyone living here
who doesn't still maintain an office in New York cannot notarize a document

Moreover, New York notaries are not authorized to exercise their notarial
authority outside the boundaries of the State of New York ("The secretary of
state may appoint and commission as many notaries public for the state of
New York as in his or her judgment may be deemed best, **whose
jurisdiction shall
be co-extensive with the boundaries of the state*.*" *Id*. (emphasis
added)). Therefore, even if someone here maintains an office in New York,
she still cannot notarize a document here in Israel, but only within the
boundaries of New York.

The only way to get a document notarized here and comply with all applicable
laws is to get it signed before an Israeli notary. And for the record,
although I am an Israeli notary, I don't practice as one and I'm not trying
to scare up business.


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