[BS/RBS list] First trial meeting TODAY (20/11) : A Dungeons andDragons Chug - in conjunction with the Benjamin Library

Bibsi Zuckerbrot bdzuck at netvision.net.il
Thu Nov 20 03:01:34 CST 2008

The chug will take place at the Meyerhoff Matnas under the auspices of the Benjamin children's Library. Signup via the Matnas.


To reveal hidden treasures, sail distant seas, explore new lands, learn ancients scrolls from mystic tombs... 

You are the fearless hero who will embark with your companions on a magical and mysterious journey to forgotten realms. 

The Bards' tales of your glory are just waiting to be told. 

In only a few days, Dungeon & Dragons classes will be starting in which YOU can embark on your own adventure.


Dungeons & dragons game is an imaginative game played around a table. Every player acts out a character with special abilities in a fantastic and mystical world. From the fearless warrior to mystical mage or possibly even a mythological creature.   The Dungeon Master is the guide who makes up the rules and sets consequences of the players' actions while fleshing out the world with detailed descriptions. 


The game has many important educational elements: 

Becoming acquainted with group dynamics, improving concentration and learning ability, facing complex situations and overcoming them, developing improvisational ability, solving riddles and thinking games, utilizing creativity, developing the imagination and expanding knowledge. And of course, having fun.... 


During the chug children will participate in a fantasy adventures and will learn how to play the D&D world. 

In the context of the chug, reading and writing will be strongly encouraged.

There will be 6-10 children in a group.

The chug will meet on Thursdays.

3rd - 4th grade  -  16:00-17:30

5th - 7th grade   -  17:30-19:00

Price : 130 nis per month 

Extra activities: special meetings will be held during school holidays (not Shabbat or chagim) and will be announced separately 

 Registration at the Matnas office.   


The classes are in Hebrew

The first meeting will be introductory and free of charge 

First meeting:     Thursday 20/11 

For details, call Sariel at  052-539-8533 or speak to Karen Feldman.


Library web site:  http://library.shemesh.co.il/

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