[BS/RBS list] violence on the egged

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This incident apparently took place on the #14 bus in RBS-A going toward the 
Magen Avot, obviously in broad daylight.  It was apparently a packed bus. 
Surely some of those passengers are on this email list or are 
neighbors/friends of people on this email list and have spoken about the 
incident to people on this email list.  If so, you/they must call Egged 
and/or the police and report what you saw.  Can anyone identify one or both 
of the perpetrators?  It is just outrageous that something like this took 
place on a city bus right in our "backyards" - please do what you can to 
prevent it happening again, by reporting if you witnessed this terrible 
violent attack.  Only by citizens taking some action can this sort of thing 
be prevented in the future.

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> Assault and/or bullying is not only maladaptive -- it is criminal 
> behavior.
> It leaves lasting damage on some of its victims, and should most 
> definitely be reported.
> Buckman Family wrote:
>> Which bus line was this on and from where to where?  I think you should 
>> call Egged and complain that nothing was done to assist a passenger who 
>> was violently attacked.  I assume this fellow also called to complain (I 
>> hope he is okay, whoever he is).  This should absolutely not be happening 
>> on public buses, and I'm shocked that not one adult on the bus came to 
>> this bochur's aid.  It reminds me of the Kitty Genovese story so many 
>> decades ago in NYC. Just unbelievable.  Was the bus full?  I'm sorry your 
>> young children had to witness this terrible scene.
>> DB
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>>> two of my children reported an incident that occurred yesterday morning 
>>> on the egged. two non-kippa wearing approx 20 yr olds were spitting on a 
>>> hat wearing yeshiva bochur. they were pulling off his hat and yarmulka 
>>> repeatedly until the bochur turned around and asked why they were 
>>> bothering him at which point they shoved him up against a pole and 
>>> choked him hard until his face was blue. aside from being completely 
>>> appalled that my 7 and 9 year olds had to witness this, i am wondering 
>>> if these incidents are common place. this occurred in the morning and my 
>>> children said the bus was packed and therefore none of the adults on the 
>>> bus even noticed. is the egged unsafe for children to take to school?
>>> Julie Price

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