[BS/RBS list] Chen Public Service Information Center

Zvi Wolicki zwolicki at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 5 17:15:30 CDT 2008

Dear All, 

Chen was founded 5 years ago to bridge the gap between English speaking residents and the local government. 

In the last election we won one seat and in that capacity continued to serve. 

In response to numerous questions Chen will be opening a virutal information center for all questions concerning the upcoming local elections. 

How many votes do you have? 2 one for council and one for Mayor
Can I vote in absentia?  NO
How old do I have to be? 17

Are only some of the questions.... 

Send your questions to zvi at chenshemesh.org.il and we promise to respond quickly. 

Warm regards

 Zvi Wolicki
Chen Darchei - Noam 
zvi at chenshemesh.org.il 


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