[BS/RBS list] 2nd day Yom Tov

Greiff Family greiff at bezeqint.net
Sat Oct 11 19:52:34 CDT 2008

1.  Where is there a 2nd day minyan for Sukkos for bnei chutz l'aretz in RBS

2.  We are hosting two yeshiva boys for the lst part of chag from N.
Hollywood, Calif.  We are happy to feed them, but they asked me to ask if
anyone local (we live on Maor in RBS A) is looking for yeshiva bochur type
guests to make their 2nd day yom tov meals more "leibadik" with divrei Torah
from two fun loving boys in black hats.  So, I am asking on their behalf.  


Jolie Greiff  995 2155 or greiff at bezeqint.net 

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