[BS/RBS list] Not all British can donate blood - but a big thanks to people who do

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I thought I would save people a trip for nothing... the blood drive FAQ's
say: "If you lived in England from 1980 until 1996 for more than six months
straight, you are not allowed to donate blood. IMPORTANT: Misrad HaBriut has
extended this restriction to include Ireland and Portugal. There are other
restrictions  - see http://www.shemesh.co.il/bd/BloodDriveQandA-2.html

 On the other hand, as someone who has benefit from other people taking the
trouble to give blood,  I would like to thank anyone who does donate. There
is also something incredible in knowing that people  give uptime from a
rushed and busy day and donate blood incase someone is in trouble and will
need it. Sometimes that someone is me.
So thanks again and all the best

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bydonating blood in BS!

Dear Everyone,


Please make every effort to come to the Greater Beit Shemesh Blood Drive
TODAY!!! The nation's blood supply is very low and YOUR PINT COUNTS!!!!


According to MDA's website (http://www.mdais.org), there are currently only
550 pints on reserve in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. These pints need to be divided
among every hospital for surgeries, sick people who need blood every day for
various reasons, or chas v'shalom injured people due to accidents and other
"bad" things that could occur, R"L. Someone you know or love could need
blood at any moment and YOUR pint will help them and others! It's convenient
(right here in YOUR city) and VERY IMPORTANT! 


Here are the details: (Please spread the word to those who may not read


DATE: TODAY, Sunday, October 26, 2008/Or L'28 Tisrei 5769


TIME: 17:45 to 22:30


PLACE: Beit Knesset Feigenson, Nofei Aviv (in the Ulam Smachot


WHO: Healthy adults ages 18 to 65 (17 with a parent's note). Other
restrictions apply. For details, see our website at www.shemesh.co.il -
click the Teddy Bear link on the left!


WHAT TO BRING: Teudat Zehut, Passport, Driver's License


WHAT NOT TO BRING: Please leave your adorable children at home. We don't
provide babysitting and a blood donation center can be a dangerous place for
small children, especially while their parents are donating blood.

Arrange a babysitter or swap with a neighbor - you can watch their kids
while they donate and they'll watch yours while you donate!


RIDES: Rides to/from the drive can be cheerfully arranged. Please contact me
if you'd like a ride. Get a group together and we'll bring all of you!!
We've provided rides from as close as the Sheinfeld neighborhood and as far
as Netiv HaLamed Hey...so far!


SPONSORS: This Blood Drive is generously sponsored by Pam Swickley in memory
of her beloved sister, Dr. Lana Schwebel Z"L and by Joe and Deb Weisblatt in
honor of the 15th birthday of their "baby" twins - Adina and Rachel.


ADI: There will be a representative from Adi to sign up people (from age
17 and up) and answer questions about organ donation. This is not connected
to the blood drive - you can come to the drive to give blood only, get Adi
information only, or both.


See you at the drive!

Deborah Weisblatt

(For the Greater Beit Shemesh Blood Drive Committee)


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