[BS/RBS list] Cook and Baker Available for Catering

David Aharon Jaffe davidhasofer at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 14:34:14 CDT 2008

*I have more than 20 years of cooking experience and over seven years of
experience in the restaurant industry:*

   - *Hard-working, neat and clean*
   - *Attention to quality*
   - *I love what I do
   - *Cooking*
   - *Baking*
   - *Soups, salads and more!
   - *Exotic dishes, i.e. East Asian, Latin, Turkish

*If you need a personal cook, caterer or any other kitchen help, please call
02-580-4076.  References and CV provided upon request.*

David Aharon Yaffe
daveedaharon at gmail.com

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