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Soldiers can vote wherever they are.

I was on miluim on the day of the 2nd round of the 1998 municipal elections, 
and in the middle of nowhere, training in the field. And suddenly -  an army 
truck shows up and asks us if there is anyone from a city with a 2nd round 
municipal election.

The only catch is - there are no printed ballots, as we have here at home.
The soldier needs to write-in the name of the candidate and the party. So 
make sure you know what Shalom Lerner's name is and how to spell Bet, 
Byachad. :)

Hashem should keep all our soldiers safe,


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> What *precisely* do soldiers have to do to vote?  I know that soldiers are
> entitled to vote at their base, but how does it work?  And if they happen 
> to
> be in the field on election day, is it still practically possible for them
> to vote?
> eliyahu
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