[BS/RBS list] CHEN -- Motzei Shabbat (Sait Family) & Tuesday night (Keresanti Family)

David Guedalia idavidg at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 11:26:53 CDT 2008

 * How can we protect our youth, keep the streets safe
* How do you get a speed bump on your road?
* How does the hotline to City Hall work?
* Whether everyone has to pay taxes?
* Why Ramat Bet Shemesh has a higher arnona than Bet Shemesh? 

Or anything else…now you can learn the answers.  -- TONIGHT

Chen is the political party with an Anglo in City Hall…and we serve as your
representative.  Learn what we have been doing and how we can better
represent you at a local parlor meeting.

Come and hear how:

·         Chen mediated the Sun Garden's dispute with their Kablan
·         Chen brought bustops to Ramat Beit Shemesh
·         Chen initiated the Beit Natif National Park
·         Chen brought recycling to Beit Shemesh
·         Chen merged city departments for more efficient management
·         Chen revamped the sewage plant saving millions of shekels

Motzei Shabbat 8:30pm at the home of 
Rafael & Pearly 
Sait Nachal Luz 9/1
Tuesday night 9pm at the home of Keresanti, Gil & Chana Nachal Habesor 5/2 

for more information see 


Or call 052-4287717


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