[BS/RBS list] Meches and delivery company questions

Yocheved Golani yocheved at yochevedgolani.com
Mon Sep 1 02:50:13 CDT 2008


Please clue me in if you can, about how to comprehend the following situation and how to solve the problem it presents:

A US company shipped a parcel to me via FedEX, meches-free and on time as expected. No prior phone calls, no stick-up and no fuss. BUT...

A European company shipped the same parcel to me via UPS and HOLY STICK-UP Batman! Upon 8AM today and after an unexplained 3-day delay in delivery, I learned that I owe NIS 1203 on the package. It also turns out that this morning, the delivery guy went to an address I haven't lived in for 6 years. 

I wonder why UPS doesn't use current phone books or take notes during conversations: I had already confirmed my present address with UPS' staff last week, when a worker called to double-check it with me. 

I've had problems with UPS before, receiving packages from the USA at NO CHARGE via FedEx, but with ENORMOUS fees when delivered by UPS. 

UPS has invaded my wallet no matter when or where the package addressed to me originated.

I need some clarification about Israeli reality and how to avoid paying for it. Why would UPS charge an enormous fee for an identical package delivered by FedEx at NO charge? Is one company beholden to Meches and the other not? Have the rules changed overnight (not an unexpected phenom here)? Is the problem due to some other factor (such as point of origin)? What might THAT be and how can I avoid it?

I await a productive response from the UPS manager who has already heard me ask the above and replied "That's the way it is." Kakha zeh is not a business-minded reply. I am not favorably impressed with UPS Israel. I'd like to gather some facts and figure out how to get my money back. I can't force a company to use FedEx rather than UPS, but I sure would like to stop the stick-ups UPS performs every time they bring packages to my door. The Israeli post office knows that I refuse to pay arbitrary fees and routinely keeps whatever they want me to pay for. I never order stuff via Israeli postal service due to its "unexplained charges" on books, letters, etc. reason. If a company sends something to me via Israeli post, they learn quickly not to do it twice. Fed EX is always my preferred delivery company.

My question still stands: how can I prevent having to pay UPS fees and why doesn't FedEX charge them too?


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