[BS/RBS list] Transportation Services

leah peretzleah at bezeqint.net
Mon Sep 1 14:43:52 CDT 2008

Dear travelers,


I won't be available from motzei Shabbat (Shoftim) till Tuesday 23rd. After
that I will be happy to serve you again!



Need to travel to Ben Gurion Airport or back home? A simchah out of town?

For all destinations, call Eliyahu 0522-409707


A frum ben Torah driver in 9-seater A/C van will drive you to your

for less than any price you will get from a regular taxi company.


For parents who care: for your kids I have car seats.

2 seats for the ages 0-4 years

2 boosters for 3-8 years old


Eliyahu Peretz (Hebrew/English)

BS resident


Service with a smile


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