[BS/RBS list] Yayin B'Rama Wine Shop

Gedalya Persky jgpersky at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 23:40:11 CDT 2008

Welcome to everyone new to the community, to everyone back from tiyul, and to all who were just spacing out.  Please come say hi.  But, watch your step.  We're in the middle of inventory.  Getting ready for the holidays.
Ella Valley has arrived
     Vineyards Choice Cabernet and Merlot 03
     Cabernet 04
     Merlot 04
     Cabernet Syrah 05
     EverRed 04
     Chardonnay 06
     Sauvignon Blanc 07
     Muscat 02
New beers are arriving every week as we can find them.  Because of import limitations, the stock will be ever-changing.  
Many new sales including Carmel, Tzora, Tzuba (very reduced prices), Don Mendoza, St. James Rum.
Happy Elul,
Gedalya Persky
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