[BS/RBS list] "Bas Mitzvah" Chesed Program (possibly "Bar mitzvah" too)

melabev beit shemesh melabev.shemesh at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 08:04:20 CDT 2008

Melabev Beit Shemesh in conjunction with the local Tomchei Shabbat
program is in the midst of organizing a "bat mitzvah program" in which
the girls will learn about the act of "giving". They will be involved
in assorted "hands on" chesed projects within the community, helping
needy familes and the elderly. They will also be part of discussion
groups with shiurim on the topic of "giving".
Since this is the first time we are running the program, we will limit
the fall session to the first 10 girls who register.
If it is a successful program, we hope to have a spring session too.
There is also a possibility of a "bar mitzvah program".
This email is just a "feeler" to get an idea of how many people would
be interested in such programs for their children.
We already have a few people who have shown interest in registering.
Full details will be posted in about a week to those who respond to this email.
Thank you
tizku l'mitzvot,
Shoshana Lichtman, director
Melabev Beit Shemesh
melabev.shemesh at gmail.com

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