[BS/RBS list] Parking ticket

RP posnruth at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 10:38:12 CDT 2008

I was recently in a similar situation when I parked next to the Bank
Hapoalim in RBSa on the wide pavement with easy access.
There were no non parking signs, but I was ordered to move, which I did, as
I was disturbing the bank's security by parking there!
The vehicle that stopped next to me bore a sign: dog catcher, and the driver
told me he had the authority to stop 'illegal' parking
So drivers Beware the Dog Catcher!!
Ruth Posner

> This morning I parked opposite Kupat Cholim/Machon Rakefet in RBS A.
> There's
> an area that is paved like a sidewalk, but has a ramp up (to a parking lot
> under the building which houses Big Deal) and I always see cars parked in
> those spots. When I returned to my car, I found a parking ticket had been
> issued me for "parking on the sidewalk" in the amount of NIS 500.
> So A) Let this serve as a warning to others, and B) Has anyone gotten
> fine reduced/cancelled in this or a similar situation? The amount seems
> rather exorbitant for a parking fine, even if they do consider that area a
> sidewalk.
> Thanks
> Esty

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