[BS/RBS list] How to help with the current economic situation

Bracha mosbra at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 09:26:43 EDT 2009

4. (Our personal thoughts regarding shemitta:) Until now we have been buying
only Otsar Bet Din, not Heter Mechira. For packaged stuff, we were buying
imported stuff. But now (a) there is almost no local Otsar Bet Din in Givatt
Sharret (b) packaged products are not being produced under Otsar Bet Din.
Given the bad state of the economy, we reconsidered our halachic priorities
& decided to buy Heter mechirah to support the many local Jewish farmers &
businesses (in the food industry & related industries) that could otherwise
chas veshalom go bankrupt.

A bit of a correction to the above post is the following:

-- the rabbanut announced (and I've seen it referred to in numerous places)
that all the fruit under their auspices is otzar beit din and NOT heter
mechira. Take this into account when buying said fruit (or canned fruit
products) especially with regard to kedushat shvi'it.

-- there is some canned otsar beit din products. Much of the applesauce out
there (that is not imported) is in fact otsar beit din -- and if you look
carefully, you will see that it is... (I have not looked for other fruits,
so I am not sure about them).


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