[BS/RBS list] Bicycle Ride for Kids - Tomorrow: March 13

Renee Halpert reneeh at netvision.net.il
Thu Mar 12 11:41:56 EDT 2009


Tomorrow, March 13th the Samson Riders Bicycle Club (Rochvei Shimshon) is
holding its first "Trips for Kids - Israel" bicycle ride from 12:30 -14:30. 

WHERE: Meeting point - Park HaEucalyptus (off #38 just below Nofei Aviv/
1/2km south of South entrance to Beit Shemesh) at 12:30.

WHO: All children ages 10-14 are invited.
Parents are requested to come to the meeting point to sign an 'Ishur'.

WHAT: Schedule: Bicycle safety basics followed by a guided bike ride on the
trails around Beit Jamal (not UP). Licensed guide, first aid, and volunteers
will accompany the riders.

To Bring: A bicycle in good working condition, helmet*, water bottle, snack,
* we will have some extra helmets for those who don't have - first come
first served; Helmets MUST be worn while riding.

More information about trips for kids can be found at www.tripsforkids.org
This is a well-established organization and we are fortunate to have their
support and expertise behind us. Also see a press release about us in
Israel: http://www.soarcomm.com/blog/2008/11/06/trips-for-kids-israel     

NO Charge.

This is our First Trips for Kids - Israel Ride. Let's make it a good one!

ALSO seeking volunteers to help out (before or during the rides).

For more information and advance registration:
-Renee Halpert
Samson Riders Bicycle Club (SBRC)/Rochvei Shimshon

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