[BS/RBS list] Burning Your Chometz

Yosi F yosi_613 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 24 06:23:24 EDT 2009

great point Daniel.

does anyone know who we can speak with at the city council to plan this properly?



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And please don't burn plastic with your chametz. It releases toxic fumes into the air. It would be best to limit burning to chametz and proper fuel for the fire (e.g. wood), otherwise it creates unnecessary amounts of smoke, and also makes it more difficult to burn the actual chametz in the overloaded fires.


--- In RBS at yahoogroups. com, Yosi F <yosi_613 at .. .> wrote:
> Hi All - 
> If anyone from TOV or any of the other political parties is listening... .
> It would be great if the city could:
> 1.. Provide LARGE Metal garbage cans (as opposed to the tiny ones I've seen recent years) which tend to overflow with chometz and dirty up our streets right before the Chag
> 2. Designate specific areas with very large bins for burning burning chometz or at least require that everyone do so by where their garbage is collected. That way we wouldnt need to have our streets all messy with Chometz and ashes all around, in honor of PESACH
> if anyone has feedback or anyone from one of these political groups can get this achieved that would very nice.
> May also be a nice way of teaching our kids how to take proper care of Eretz HaKodesh.
> Yosi
> RBS A Resident
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