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It is also advisable not to pour water in the freezer when cleaning;
this can cause water to drip on open wires in the freezer causing the
electricity in the house to short.  

Be careful when cleaning behind the fridge, there are open pipes that
can get damaged.  

If your fridge racks are glass or a solid material you could cover them
completely. If the racks have slates or holes, you need to make holes in
the material you use to cover them as this is part of the air flow
process required for the fridge to work properly.  Be careful not to
over fill the freezer, the air flow which enters the fridge must first
pass through the freezer.  When it is packed too tightly it will stop
the air flow, leaving the freezer cold and a fridge warm. 

Washing Machine 
When washing your linens for Pesach, be careful not to overload your
machine as it can become off-centered. In American models, after a
slight banging noise, the machine will automatically shut-off. Simply
take out what is inside and put it back evenly.  In European models, the
drum can dislodge from its base during the spin process.  Therefore be
especially careful not to overload these machines.

Be sure to check all pockets, its amazing what I find in filters! 

The washer is a great way to clean toys, but make sure if they are small
(this means Lego) to insert them into a washable laundry bag. 

If the load in the washer was too big (linens, comforters etc) and it
didn't spin properly, do not put it in the dryer.  The weight of the
linens will cause the drum not to move, yet the motor continues to work.
The belt sits on the motor shaft but the drum won't rotate, causing the
belt to snap in half.  

You may put wet clothes into an American dryer. While cleaning it is
advisable to clean out the dryer vent; too much lint build-up could
result in excessive drying time. 

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