[BS/RBS list] Message from Pini the Sandlar at Tikei Shilat

RP posnruth at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 11:48:50 EDT 2009


Pini who recently opened a shop in the mercaz ha'ir selling all kinds of
bags, wallets, suitcases etc adjoining his very popular shoe repair service
can be reached at 050 2945454 as there is a technical problem with the land
line which appears in his ad in the new Shemeshphone which should soon be
You can find a fantastic selection at Tikei Shilat, every shape, color and
size of bags for every occasion and his prices are the best in town.
Pini also repairs damaged luggage, or will advise when it's time to buy a
You will find the shop near to Gat Kedan, and Chazan, with a back entrance
to the shoe repair section
Mention the ad in Shemeshphone when you visit

Mercaz Ha'ir BS

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