[BS/RBS list] gas mask distribution

RP posnruth at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 14:23:40 EDT 2010

Just to add to this, you can pick up gas masks (erchot magen) at a post
office at no charge.
In Bet Shemesh this service is not available at the Bayit U'menucha branch,
not sure about the others.

If you order by phone, you pay 25sh for all the family, living in the same

Incidentally someone is being trained for the new branch in RBSalef, no
further details.

To get gas masks delivered to your home
Call 171, Press 2 for gas masks and then Press 3 for English.
They need your Teudat Zehut Number and for 25 Shekel payable by credit card,
they will schedule it to be delivered to your house.

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