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lepon lepon at 012.net.il
Sun Apr 11 00:42:48 EDT 2010

If you can move fast, you can save more than 100,000 NIS on a quality apt
from this veteran contractor.



Chazon & Galili put in a winning bid on a certain land parcel in RBS. They
have until the end of this month to complete payment.

You can help them purchase the land by putting up about 175,000 NIS. 

You will receive monthly interest of about 4% for the next 24 months, and
this "loan" will then be taken off your payment schedule.

You will receive a significant discount on your apt (about 8%) + about a
16,000 NIS return on your loan, totaling more than 100,000 NIS!

All monies will be held in escrow by company's lawyer to be used only
towards the purchase of the land.

Full bank guarantee by Bank Yerushalayim.


What's special about this new project?

Generously proportioned 3-5 room apts all facing panoramic view.

Especially high standard.

Large living rooms.

XL porches &/or gardens.

Master ensuite bdrms + walk-in closets in all apts.

Shabbos elevators.

Many expansion options.


Discounted Apt Prices until End of April:

3 rooms - 97 sqm + 47 sqm porches - 761,000 NIS

3 rooms - 97 sqm + 30 sqm porch + 30 sqm covered parking - 859,000 NIS

4 rooms - 112 sqm + 46 sqm porch + 25 sqm garden + 13 sqm attached store
room (as 4th bdrm) - 937,000 NIS

5 rooms - 133 sqm + 200 sqm garden + 5 sqm attached store room - 1,144,000

5 rooms - 150 sqm + 30 sqm gallery space for 2 more rooms + 40 sqm porch + 4
sqm store room - 1,344,000 NIS



About 175,000 NIS by end April - loan agreement with contractor.

15% of cost in about 8 months - purchase contract.

Rest of payment acc. to progress of construction.

Occupation in about 2.5 years.


Only a few of the smaller apts left. Choose your home b4 it's too late!

Agent's fee applies.

Shoshana Lepon



lepon at 012.net.il



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