[BS/RBS list] Need to travel abroad..but who will watch the kids? Let" Home Away from Home" help you!!!

Aviva Allswang yourhomeinisrael at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 02:25:13 EDT 2010

Home Away From Home

Do you need to travel abroad suddenly?
Are you having doubts about planning your trip
because you don't know who will watch the children?
Do you work full-time and can't make it home in
time when your young one(s) comes home from school?
Worry no more!
Opening now in Bet Shemesh your  "Home Away from Home"
Pick up from gan / tzaharon / school
Hot meals - homework assistance - fun projects
Bedtime routine
All in a nurturing, stimulating, safe environment.
My home or yours (depending on need)
Many references available

Aviva Allswang
Masters Degree in Special Ed.
(02) 999-1201 or (054)3149614

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