[BS/RBS list] Mitzvah: Yom HaAtzmaut BBQ for IDF soldiers - Volunteer or Donate

Miriam Gottlieb mirigott at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 07:51:20 EDT 2010

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Visit www.stgogether.org/bbq to volunteer to participate in the Largest Yom HaAtzmaut Barbeque in
the world.  Families and singles all over Israel are bringing
their kosher grills(if they have them) and drinks, pita and dessert,
along with their enthusiasm and going to army bases to bbq for the
soldiers who don't have the opportunity to go home for the holiday. 

Standing Together is providing glatt
kosher l'mehadrim meats and grouping volunteers together to enjoy the
day with the soldiers. Its a great fun time for all, kid friendly and
we are never sure who has a better time, the volunteers or the

If you can't come, DONATE !!  Please
mail your check, made out to Standing Together, to us at PO Box 1029,
Efrat Israel. Or donate online www.stogether.org/bbq.

For more information email info at stogether.org

Miriam Gottlieb
Director of Operations
info at stogether.org


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