[BS/RBS list] Unsolicited Recommendation for our tutor, Rabbi Greenspan

Kerry Bar-Cohn kerrybarcohn at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 09:12:24 EDT 2010

We have the most amzing tutor I would like to recommend. 

RABBI GREENSPAN works with two of my sons.  He has been in Torah education for over 25 years and is a skilled teacher. One of my son’s learning and grades have tremendously improved under his guidance.  My other son is almost done learning his whole bar mitzvah parshah with him.

Rabbi Greenspan is intellegent, caring, funny, flexible and can relate to all kids.  I have only good things to say about the Rabbi, and I’m very grateful for how he has helped my children.

Please feel free to call me at 052-611-9372, or contact Rabbi Greenspan directly at 052-765-0492.

Kerry Bar-Cohn


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