[BS/RBS list] BAD ACCIDENT: on back road from RBS-BS

Ephrayim Naiman ejnaiman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 15:09:34 EDT 2010

> I agree that the weeds along that road are a terrible hazard. That
> intersection is particulary problematic because coming from the Rama,
> turning left on Herzog, it is impossible to see who is coming on Route 10
> from the opposite direction. I wouldn't be surprised (having passed today
> just after the accident) if that was how the accident happened.
> Let's write to our city council members and the Mayor's office etc. all
> faxes and some emails in the new ShemeshPhone.

The same problem exists turning left from Route 10 into RBS-A - please
mention that area as well.  I have reported it numerous times, but nobody is
in charge of that road (as we all know), so nobody really deals with it.

-Ephrayim Naiman
ejnaiman at gmail.com

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