[BS/RBS list] looking for the following textbooks (used) ASAP

Seeman, Dani DSeeman at nds.com
Thu Apr 15 05:04:34 EDT 2010

Hi, (I know it’s not summer but) I am looking to purchase the following 2 textbooks ASAP:

ביולוגיה של האדם ע"י מרקיזה הס          Biologia Shel HaAdam by Merkiza Hass
בני גורן חלק ז' שאלון 035007 5 יח"ל      Benny Goren Chelek 7 She’eilon 035007 for 5 yechidot limd

If you have them (used in decent condition) & you are willing to sell them, please email/call me.
Dani Seeman

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