[BS/RBS list] British Passports Renewal in Israel - more details - Important for Brits in BS

Rachelle Goodman rachelle.goodman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 08:14:51 EDT 2010

To add to the original post, below, after 3rd May, those entitled to
British passports not only have to apply through the Paris office, but
they will also have to courier/mail all their documents themselves (ie
NOT through the consulate in TA) to Paris and organize a Euro cheque
for their return by mail.  This is considerably more complicated than
the present system, particularly when the consular staff are
unfamiliar with Hebrew names, terminology, etc. Also bear in mind that
they need sight of *original* documents - notarised is not sufficient-
you might think again about sending your birth certificate all that
way through the regular mail. The British government is reducing its
passport facilities to 5 word-wide hubs and that's why things are
closing in Israel and elsewhere.  Eventually, all renewals will be
done through London.

If you have a passport which is still valid for some time, the high
expense of renewal may not justify renewing it in the next 3 weeks and
you can in any case renew it in many locations in the UK, including
certain post offices.  So perhaps it may be better to wait until
you're next in the UK.  (Unlike other countries, a British citizen can
enter the country on a foreign or expired British passport without

If you do decide to renew in the next 3 weeks, as I did last week, be
aware that the lines at the Embassy are long - you could be there for
hours.  It's easier to post it as registered mail (if you trust the
postal service with your original documents).  Allow an extra 5 days
for this.  The Embassy are now telling applicants to wait an average
of FOUR weeks for the passport to be processed, not including the days
spent in the mail.  So if you're travelling within the next month, you
may need to fork out for an emergency passport.

Lastly, the Embassy is closed for Yom Haatzmaut.

Good luck,
Rachelle Regal Goodman
Family Posner

On 23 March 2010 the media reported re: Renewal of passports in Israel

After 3rd May UK passports will not be renewable in Israel, only through
Paris, and this may eventually stop
They say...it has no connection with the recent passport identity theft for
which the UK is now suing Israel...
Simplest way is to download the forms, which include one for credit
card payment and send it by registered post to the consular division in Tel
Aviv. For an additional 10sh they will send your new passport registered
which you will need to collect at your local post office.
Takes them about 3 weeks.
Check details through this link:

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