[BS/RBS list] Rental Available throughout Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh

Sharon Shahrabani rentbetshemesh at 013.net
Sun Apr 18 18:20:28 EDT 2010


For Rent in Sheinfeld

4 room spacious and beautiful apt on Reuven

5 room duplex with a garden on Gad 4750 nis


For Rent  in Nofei Aviv

Hayasmin 6 room cottage, central A/C, garden, beautiful view 6000 nis

For Rent in Nofei Hashemesh

7 room cottage on 3 floors 5600 nis

2 room on Sitvanit (Yanai)- brand new, A/c, immediate! 2300 nis


For Rent in Migdal Hamaim

6 room cottage  3800 nis

4 room apr on Hatavor 1st floor 3600 nis

For Rent in Givat Savion

5 room beautiful house on HaArazin, large balconies 5000 nis (may be

2.5 room apt on TaAshur 2500 nis


For Rent in Ramat Shilo!

5 room duplex 2nd floor 3 full bathrooms 3800 nis

6 room garden apt, huge mirpeser, 180 sq m 5500 nis FLEX.

5 bedroom Kenig cottage, back cottage, large garden facing the view, amazing
cottage, beautiful kitchen, bathrooms, doors. Cental A/C  6000 nis immediate

8 room Kenig Back cottage, amazingly beautiful - kitchen and bathrooms,
large garden 8000 nis 

6 room cottageo Zeelim, large garden 4700 nis

5 room Donna cottage on Nachal Chever, central A/c, bars and screen, storage
room, beautifull little street 4500 nis

3.5 rooms on Ein Gedi, beautifully kept apt 3000 nis

3.5 rooms on Ein Gedi, first floor 2800 nis

5 room on Yavne 5000 nis

2-3 rooms on Yavne 2300-2500 nis


For Rent in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph (RBSA)

Nachal Dolev 5 room garden apt ground floor+ attached office with back
entrance and bathroom. Central air, large balcony, 3 full bathrooms, huge
living room 5200 nis

Nachal Dolev 4 room garden apt, large living room, large balcony, garden,
very invested kitchen and in general. Large MAchsan private entrance 3500

Nachal Dolev cottage, 5 rooms, garden 4500 nis available August

Nachal Dolev 6 room duplex, 3rd floor, 2 porches, invested 3700 nis

Nachal Lachish 3 room ground floor 3000 nis

Nachal Lachish 4 room beautiful duplex, central A/C, large roof mirpeset,
available june 1st, 2.5 bathrooms 3300 nis

Nachal Lachish garden apt 3 bedrooms available Aug. 1st 3200 nis

Nachal Lachish 5 room apt 2nd floor, open view 3500 nis

Nachal Lachish 4 room garden apt fully furnished 4000 nis

Nachal Lachish 2 rooms large roof, beautiful and new 2200 nis

Nachal Refaim 4 room fully furnished large porch 3700 nis

Nachal Refaim 4 room apt, 3rd floor 3200 nis

Nachal Besor 4 room apt, large living room, 2.5 bathrooms, view, excellent
location by the park, Machsan 3500 nis Available May 15th

Palace Gardens 7 room upper cottage $1500

Palace garden 6 room cottage 4800 nis

Nachal Shacham (Sun Hills) 5 room garden apt 5300 nis immediate entry

Revivim 3 rooms 2800 nis

Revivim 4 room ground floor, spacious apt 3100 nis

Revivim 4.5 rooms, renovated, new kitchen 3500 nis

Micha 4 room large bedrooms, large kitchen 3100 nis

For more details please contact:

S. Shahrabani
Ilan Real Estate 
Cell: 0523-621174
H: 02-9999503


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